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All of our personnel work together to complete each element of every program and collaborate to ensure every project/program meets and exceeds all industry standards and regulatory requirements.

Professionalism, collaboration, communication and client support, which is the cornerstone of customer service and relationships, is our business!

Susan Fisher
Founder and Director
Production Technologist

More than thirty years experience with Emergency Management Programs. Training and exercise and Emergency Management Professional including ERP Orientations, regulatory mandated Tabletop and full-scale/mobilization exercises. Specialist in bringing all the professionals together to create a customized client program that meets and exceeds all of their regulatory requirements.

Twenty plus years experience with EPZ calculations, E2 Plume Dispersion Modelling, and H2S Modelling.  Planning specialist and can determine potential hazard and notification areas. Works with clients to ensure all high risk wells and pipelines are included, run through appropriate formulas, and documented in our ERP's.

Geographic Information System                         Mapping Specialist

Fifteen plus years experienced team in mapping and G.I.S. Specialize in accuracy and client delivery in a timely manner. Our Mapping Specialists can generate accurate maps for our clients ensuring that what is on the map is on the ground.

Contractor Management 
Waste Management Tracking Specialist

Contractor specialist who can create contractor database with monthly reports and compliance monitoring as per Alberta regulatory requirements.

Waste tracking as per  federal regulatory requirements and Directive 58 provincial regulatory requirements.  Our team has 10 plus years experience with tracking, reporting, and AER auditing requirements. 

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